Reasons to Make a Wedding Website

It’s pretty simple—your wedding website can do a lot for you.

  • Manage and organize information. As we mentioned, this is a space to include all of the information that doesn’t fit on your save-the-dates or invitations. This can include your schedule, travel and lodging logistics, directions and parking, dress code, and more. Anticipate the questions your guests will ask and cover the answers on your site. You can even put this in the form of an FAQ.
  • Easy registry access. You can note your registry on your invitations, but wouldn’t it just be easier to share a direct link? Integrate your Space registry directly into your wedding website instead. Simply navigate to the registry page while editing, click “Add Existing Registry,” and it’s done. No hassling from one platform to the next. When we said all in one, we meant it.
  • Share your couple story. Your wedding website isn’t just a place to share information. It’s a space to share your unique couple story. Your close friends and family may know your couple origin story, but others may not. Share the story of how you met to build excitement for guests. Add photos from your proposal, engagement photo session, or some cute blasts from the past for a personal touch.
  • Track RSVPs. Keeping track of RSVPs sent back by mail can be inconvenient. Luckily, with one of Zola’s free wedding websites, you can collect and track them online. Set it up as your building and include a link to the RSVP on your invitation. Guests can simply navigate to the RSVP page and submit their replies. Still keep an eye on the mail, though, just in case.
  • Create a matching paper suite. Let’s be clear: We love a paper suite and your wedding website is no replacement for a classic physical invitation and save the date. In fact, you can create a wedding website that matches your paper suite.
  • Share photos and videos after the wedding. You might not want to flood your social channels with every single image that your wedding photographer snaps that day (or maybe you do, which is totally OK). Upload photos from your wedding day to create a quick, familiar place for guests—or anyone who couldn’t attend–to view. If you want to get a bit tech-savvy, you can even create a page for your wedding hashtag and watch your loved ones’ own photos roll in.
  • It’s easy and free. The amount of time you’d spend answering questions far outweighs the short time it takes to create your own free wedding website. Set aside an hour of time to build your wedding website with your partner. You can bond together about your history and also be on the same page for all of your wedding details.